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Mamaroneck Mayor happy to have production revenues return.

According to local reporting, Mamaroneck Mayor, Tom Murphy, is "glad to see economic activity returning safely, both to the village and to Westchester County".

Prior to the shutdown "Inquiries from location scouts about Westchester locations were up 28 percent, year to date, over last year, with production days seeing a 40 percent rise. In addition, revenue from film permitting at county-owned properties was up more than 70 percent."

Film Production generates a lot of revenue for communities, not only in the form of high-paying middle-class jobs, but permit and location fees for municipalities and home owners, but a tax base from restaurants, catering, hotels, gasoline, local retail purchases and the list goes on. Bottom line, New York cities and counties need the influx of production spending to jumpstart the economic recovery due to COVID-19.

Tax incentives will keep these productions in New York State and now, more than ever, economic boons for all New York small businesses who benefit from the deep pockets of advertisers and and all forms of media.

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