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Industry Roundtable: The Road to Albany


The meeting began with important updates on PIA's Advocacy and Legislative Priorities.

PIA board members and government relations team at DHC met with several NYS Senators and Assembly Members (as well as their staff) this month, including the Chairs of some of the Committees with direct purview over the New York Film Tax Credit.

We stressed the importance of how a strong Film and TV Industry is to the NY State economy. We shared some stories of the hundreds of small New York businesses and PIA members that provide goods and services to production companies. Our members rely on the strength of the Film and TV industry for their growth and very existence. We conveyed the need for a robust and competitive Film Tax Incentive to ensure the continued growth of our industries in New York State and our comments were well received.

We have a lot more advocacy work to do and more meetings scheduled, but are hopeful that the Legislature will accept the Governor’s recommendations and extend the Film Tax credit for another year at the same level. Given the current economic climate an

In the future, with the help of all PIA members, we will advocate to increase the Film Tax Credit percentage to make up for last year’s reduction, raise or eliminate the annual cap, and eliminate the sunset provision. A competitive incentive that extends well into the future is what we all need in order for the Film and TV Industry in New York to flourish.


The Initiatives Committee is revving up to make an impact and spelled out the agenda for the year to come.

Some of the initiatives we are exploring include:


    • Strategic partnerships with unions and other advocacy groups

    • Mutual Aid organization donations

    • Filling community fridges


    • Earth Day community clean-up volunteer event

    • Crew health and wellness event with Young Entertainment Activists

    • Juneteenth Inclusion panel

    • Production Olympics in Summer of 2022!


    • Incentivizing equity and sustainability.


Looking to keep our finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, we spilt up into groups to discuss specific topics effecting our industry today with our attendees. Here's what we

Current State of the Film Industry

The effects of the pandemic on the film industry small businesses:

  • One guest reported they lost more last year than made the previous year.

  • Lots of businesses are gone now.

  • Budgets have been cut, people are selling their equipment to stay open.

  • Editorial photoshoots, indies and commercials were some of the first to come back on stages, but not included or qualify for film production incentives. Quixote and Hook Studios saw editorials and indie shoots were the first to come back, but with slashed budgets.

  • Push back on budget from client is at an all time high.

The upshots:

  • The down time allowed them to edit and perfect a stack of screenplays.

  • This is a time of evolution, shoots are getting retooled and "finding a way". Vendors are having to come up with creative solutions and workarounds.

  • Spring looks promising for new work!

  • Streaming platforms are at an all time high and they will need more content soon.

  • Remote production competencies have developed.

Vendor Representation in Albany

PIA board members relayed and discussed in detail about the government relations team at DHC met with several NYS Senators and Assembly Members (as well as their staff) this month, including the Chairs of some of the Committees with direct purview over the New York Film Tax Credit.

They also fielded couple of questions!

Q: What does sunset mean in regards to the tax incentive?

A: New York's Film Production Incentive sunset is 2025, PIA would like to work on perpetuity.

Q: Someone in Hudson Valley, asked "How we can let local, upstate elected leaders know producers know that’s there?

A: Officials don’t know about productions in their backyards or the positive economic effects filming brings to a region. PIA would like to set up an easy way to reach out to leadership and build relationships and understanding of our industry.

Actionable Initiatives

A local is forming committees for wellness, sustainability and intersectionality among new leadership and will will PIA to address racism, sexism and sustainability which is a huge priority for so many.

Innovation and Technology

A producer has partnered with a tech company to build a soon-to-launch COVID testing and tracking technology utilizing AI to reduce inefficiency and human error.


It was a terrific meeting of the minds and we hope you reach out sign up to get invited to our monthly meetings or set up a one-in-one meeting or join PIA as a


Thank you to Preview Events for hosting the platform event in is a hybrid production agency, creating virtual and in-person experiences across all mediums that connects you to your community.

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