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BENEFIT All of New York State


New York City is one of the best backdrops in the world, and so is Upstate New York! We want to work with all film commissioners, small businesses and crew in every county so all initiatives recognize and benefit the state-wide film community and boost our economy state-wide. 




Last year, the State Legislature passed a minimum budget threshold requirement of $1,000,000 for films shot in Westchester, Rockland, Nassau, Suffolk County or any of the five New York City boroughs; and $250,000 for films shot in any other part of the state.

These thresholds represent barriers to entry for many independent producers, which in turn creates an uneven playing field for people from diverse backgrounds and those with very limited resources so ETIC will fight for equitable production and lower budget levels which will incentivize the hiring of local residents.

Social justice and equity

We enthusiastically support and confer with the New York Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.


With their guidance and experience, we can work together to boldly confront systemic racism and gender bias in the film industry by developing a dedicated and diverse board to develop actionable solutions that create real change beyond the rhetoric and platitudes.



We will match our member mentors with applicants that align with the experience of the mentor.

Four hours a month for six months.  Apply for mentorship here.


A network dedicated to uplifting Cinematographers and Camera Crew of multi-ethnic backgrounds, around the World.


New York Diversity + Inclusion Task Force Crew List

NYC BIPOC Art Assistants

NYC BIPOC Guide to sourcing from diverse vendors in NYC

Film in Colour: Discover and hire Film/TV industry professionals of color.



Hollywood the Sequel  A limited-run podcast series in which veteran film journalist John Horn asks some of the entertainment industry’s most influential artists and executives how Hollywood could and should reinvent itself.

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