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Between 9/11, Hurricane Sandy and the COVID pandemic, the film industry has come through for New York every time.  In the span of almost 20 years, three historic disasters struck our fair state.  We MUST be prepared for the next event in any form.  Our industry has the people power, the equipment and work ethic to manage whatever comes our way.  PIA stands ready to organize and mobilize our Volunteer Corps when duty calls.

We hope we never see another earthshaking event in New York State, but we do need to be prepared.

Additionally, we can address local needs in the process.  Schools are more financially stressed than ever, homeless and women's shelters are under-resourced and many publicly funded non-governmental organizations need our help year-round.

We can employ our production training, available equipment and on-site tools to make life more livable, systems run smoothly and provide solutions to aid our community.


supplies, equipment, workforce

What the film industry regularly uses on productions, from batteries to plastic sheeting or from lighting equipment to wardrobe quickly morphs from a movie budget line to a lifeline in the midst of a disaster.


PIA has a database and marketplace of free inventory available to responders, equipment house and skilled film industry volunteers standing by.


Need help?  Contact us.

Public sector outreach


We tend to over-buy in our industry for each "hero" prop or piece of set dressing, there may be ten "stand-bys".  So, instead of tossing your leftovers, help a school equip its arts program and keep our landfills empty of usable valued items.

Add your items to Art Supplies NYC and help an educator.



We learned during COVID that hospitals could really use in-take and donation systems.  Use your organization skills to volunteer for a hospital to streamline their systems.  

NGO assistance

Women's and homeless Shelters
Families are in crisis. The financial burdens of unemployment and evictions lead to stress and increased domestic violence. Get involved with a shelter near you or contact us for an introduction.
Animal Shelters
Shelter LOVE old blankets, towels, and even old pillowcases for rescuing reptiles!  Cleaning supplies are always needed as leashes, feeding dishes, and toys.  Contact us for an introduction.
Neighborhood MUTUAL AID
Hyperlocal mutual aid organizations connect resources to food pantries, shelters and those in crisis.  What to be useful close to home?  Contact us for an introduction.
LGBTQ resources
Suicide prevention and financial support are critical for LGBTQ teens and they need lots to stay connected and supported.  Contact us for an introduction.

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