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The Entertainment Tax Incentive Coalotion (ETIC) advocates for small, independent business owners that are the backbone of New York’s film, television and commercial production industry.


We know that our businesses make a notable impact on our state’s economy by creating jobs, producing compelling and diverse content, and contributing to the growth of other industries. 

Membership in EDIC creates opportunities to directly sculpt the changing needs, challenges and opportunities in our industry. Together, we can effectively highlight the importance of investments in small, local production projects; and expanded accessibility.


To reach our goals, the primary focus of our strategy will be to create more inclusivity in accessing the economic benefits of the credits.


ETIC will undertake a year-round effort that will see the utilization of virtual meetings with elected and appointed officials, as well as in-person Albany and district visits, once such activities become permissible.


Along the way, members of ETIC will be empowered to be drivers of change with our timely notifications about related policies and legislation; and opportunities to testify at public hearings.

In short, there’s power in numbers.


To effect change, we must use a collective approach to outline concerns, prioritize the issues of the day, and forge a path forward to bring awareness by interfacing with key figures in the Legislative and Executive branches of state government.

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