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Data Committee


Suggested for UPM's, ADC's, Producers, Accountants or anyone that uses spreadsheets and has vendor contacts and actualized budgets.



We are building an Emergency Relief Database for a variety of unexpected catastrophic events where the film industry stood up to assist.


Remember union electrics lighting up Ground Zero days after 9/11? Remember production companies sending breakfast trucks to Hurricane Sandy survivors before FEMA even rolled up to survey? Now in a pandemic COVID, where our makers and fabrication shops made PPE when the supply chain was


Of course, local emergencies we are experiencing now, like food insecurity and homelessness will also be addressed via our


We need to truly show our spending power and how that reverberates through the community outside industry vendors.

How much do we spend annually at gas stations, delis, parking lots, local retail shops, hardware stores

Emergency Response Committee

Who: Makers, fabricators, drivers, coordinators, activists.

Why: We need to centralize our industry and leap into action prepared. The emergency scramble needs to be eliminated so we are ready when New York needs us.


Inclusion Committee

Who: All of us

Why: Systemic bias needs a systemic gutting and strategy to unravel the Gordian knot of inequity. This takes more than a list, but a think tank strategy, real opportunity and backing.

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