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PIA hosts a monthly panel to discuss various topics of interest to the film industry

as it relates to governmental issues, PIA initiatives, and current events.

March 24, 2021 11am
PIA Panel: The Pandemic Pivot

Film industry survival, retooling, and entrepreneurship one year after the shutdown.


When the industry shut down in March of 2020, it sent shockwaves and calls to action throughout the entertainment industry.  Some businesses closed, some were awarded city contracts or volunteered their time to make PPE and some started new businesses or added products or services for their production clients in the new normal.  

Between 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, and the COVID-19 pandemic, New York has experienced calamities an average of every six and half years, and the film industry, between unions, small businesses, and skilled crew volunteers have stood up to form ad hoc relief units. The next crisis is not a matter of if, but when the alarm will sound for the film industry to act to assist our communities, city, and state.  


We'll explore the possibilities of a coordinated effort with local leadership to formalize the next call for crisis aid no matter what the future holds.


We want to hear your story so we may learn and illustrate the industry-wide Pandemic Pivot. What innovations did your business employ to survive?  Has the pandemic changed your business model for good?


Film Industry Responders


Adam Richlin

Feed the Freelancers + Lightbulb Grip and Electric


Marielle Segarra

Citizen Healthcare Crisis Coordinator



Debby Goedeke

Albany Film Commissioner

Andrew Stern + Patrick Rousseau

Be Electric Studios

Peter Hatch

NYC's COVID-19 Public-Private Partnership Czar


Jason Weindruch

co-founder Street Team Studios

Jake Baer


About the Moderator

Executive Director
CEO ArtCube Nation

Eva Radke has dedicated her career to a sustainable, equitable and socially involved film industry. After 15 years in the film business, in 2008, she founded the non-profit Film Biz Recycling (FBR)which diverted 840 tons of film business assets, typically land-filled, to local social services organizations and non-profits as well as a brick and mortar prop shop open to the public and the trade. This effort won her an EPA Environmental Quality Award in 2014 and served as headquarters for film industry Hurricane Sandy relief in 2012.


Eva is also the CEO and founder of ArtCube Nation, a digital community created to provide a platform to the film community to exchange materials, offer employment opportunities and peer-to-peer problem solving in real-time. This community, in the PPE crisis of March and April of 2020, mobilized film industry volunteer makers and artisan activists formed “ArtCube Army” to create an ad hoc supply chain of PPE and funded, fabricated, and delivered over 14,000 face shields to health care workers all over New York, surrounding states and the Navajo Nation.

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